Competition of the weak with the wrestler

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By Afshi

weak wrestler: Once upon a time, there used to be a wrestler named Junaid in Baghdad. There was no one to compete with this wrestler in the entire Baghdad. Even the greatest wrestler was subordinate to him. How dare anyone to look in front of him. That was the reason in the royal court. He was seen with great respect. He was given the title of royal wrestler.

He had a special place in the eyes of the king. One day, Junaid wrestler, sitting with members of the kingdom, someone knocked on the door of the president of the Thaka royal palace. The servant came and told the king that a weak and innocent stranger was standing at the door. The one whose clothes are rotten is a sign of weakness that it is becoming difficult to stand on the ground.

He sent this message to convey my message to Junaid to accept my challenge in wrestling. The king ordered him to be presented at the court. The stranger came to the court with trembling feet.

The minister interrogated the stranger.

What do you want.??

The stranger replied I want to wrestle with Junaid wrestler. The minister said, “Smallmouth, don’t talk big.” Don’t you know that big wrestlers sweat by hearing Junaid’s name? There is no one in the whole city to compete with him, and you. Like a weak person wrestling with Junaid can also be the cause of your demise.

The stranger said that the Junaid wrestler’s fame has attracted me and I will prove to you that it is possible to defeat Junaid. I know my end you should not fall into this debate but accept my challenge.

The time to come will tell who is destined to be defeated. Junaid wrestler was listening to the words of a stranger who came with great surprise. The king said if he is stubborn despite explaining, he is himself responsible for his fate. So accept his challenge. To be taken.

The king’s order was made and shortly after the date and location of the boat was announced.

There was a stir in this challenge all over Baghdad. Everyone had a desire to see this competition. As the history approached, the excitement of the people increased.

Their excitement was because they had not seen the competition of straw and mountain till today. Tourists from faraway countries also started coming to see these competitions. For Junaid, this competition was very mysterious and an unknown surprise on it. It seemed. The sighing sea of humans came to Baghdad.

Junaid Wrestler’s nationwide fame did not need any introduction. The believed wrestler of his time was stepping into the field today to compete with a weak and unborn man. There was a crowd of millions of people around the arena. The king of time along with the members of the empire on their chairs. The wings were broken. Junaid wrestlers also came along with the king. Everyone’s eyes were waiting for this mysterious man. Who challenged a famous wrestler like Junaid and created chaos in the entire kingdom.

The crowd was not sure that the stranger would come for the competition, however, people began to eagerly wait for him. The Junaid wrestler had already entered the field. His supporters were cheering them up with slogans moment by moment. Suddenly they lined up with the strangers. Co tearing up got to the arena.

Everyone was astonished to see this weak and innocent person that it is not wise to compete with a person who is blown away by a single blow of Junaid. But nonetheless, the whole crowd began to watch this boat with a beating heart.

Wrestling began, both of them face to face. Hands were placed in hands. The claw testing began before Junaid made a bet and subdued the stranger, the stranger slowly whispered something in Junaid’s ear. Junaid’s face color changed. Behir’s Current situation wrestling has begun.

The stranger and Junaid wrestler started to try claw with each other. The style of wrestling continued. The old man seemed that the youth had returned. The panthers were being replaced. Demonstrations of the betting pitch were going on. The enthusiasm of the crowd increased. Junaid Daw If K had shown the essence, the crowd would have echoed with slogans.

Both of them became Gotham Gatha.

When people blinked, their eyes opened with a beating heart, an incredible sight was in front of them. Junaid was lying on all sides and the old man was raising the flag of victory sitting on his chest. The whole compound was surrounded by a spell of shock. A spell of surprise. Broke and people carried the weak winner on their shoulders.

The conqueror of the ground was passing over the heads of the people. Rewards and honor started raining everywhere. The weak-winner wrestler went to his residence with an overflow of valuable prizes. With this defeat, Junaid’s dignity had been vanished from the hearts of the people. Everyone I was passing by looked at them with contempt. The one who used to steal coins from people’s hearts all his life was listening to the sarcasm of the same people today.

The weak wrestler was paid the full prize from the royal court. However, King Waqat was not able to digest the defeat of Junaid’s old man. Shah Waqat sent a call to Junaid wrestler and inquired about the defeat. Junaid, you have embarrassed us. Dia. You have destroyed your royal dignity and greatness. Were you sold? Junaid Baghdadi remained silent. The king ordered to speak the truth loudly.

Junaid Baghdadi shook hands with the Shah. I am ready to pay the fine, but it is better not to ask for anything. However, the King ordered strictly. Let all the truth be told.

Junaid Pahlwan offered. Yes Sir, I have lost deliberately. It is true that I have destroyed my royal dignity. The trade of disrespect that I have done after losing the competition. There are great ranks in front of him. From today on. I have never done such a proud deal before. This is a very cheap deal and the profit is beyond calculation. I am not ashamed of my loss.

The king ordered him to recite all the details in detail. Junaid said that before the competition, the old wrestler had said something in the form of a whisper in my ear which caused an earthquake. He had said it in my ear.

O Junaid! I am not a wrestler. I am persecuted by the times. I am Al Rasool (peace be upon him). I belong to the Sadat family. A small family of mine has been lying in the jungle suffering from hunger for several weeks. Small children have become lifeless due to severe hunger. Family dignity does not allow anyone to question.

Clothes are torn on the bodies of the Apostles. Reached here with great difficulty. I challenge you to wrestle in this hope

That you have devotion to the family of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Keep the family of the Prophet today. I promise that if you keep my lodge today, you will be the crown of victory and success by offering it to your grandfather tomorrow on the doomsday. Gotta get the wings put on.

One sacrifice of your nationwide fame and honor will be enough to refresh the dry faces of the family of Prophethood. This sacrifice of yours will never be wasted. These few sentences from a stranger touched my heart. Hurt my heart and teary eyes. Gone.

Immediately accepted this offer of Syedzadeh and did not delay even a moment to sacrifice his universal fame, honor, and greatness for All Souls (peace be upon him). Immediately decided what other opportunity could I have for my honor and honor more than this. May I sacrifice this limited honor of the world on the flying dust of family prophecy?

If my body’s blood can work for the rejuvenation of the withered buds of Bani Hashim’s family, then I am ready to give every drop of my body for your prosperity.

Junaid became silent after saying so much. Even the king became silent, he told Junaid to leave with a hand gesture.

It was night. People had gone to their homes. Junaid lay down on his bed after finishing the Isha prayer. The words of Syedzada kept echoing in his ears again and again. “Today I promise, if you keep my lodge, you will be on the ground tomorrow.” On the Day of Judgment, I will offer my grandfather the crown of victory and success on your head. Junaid kept wondering, will it really happen? Will I get this honor?

Should I wear this crown from the hands of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)? No, no, I am a sinner, where is it worth it?

But the prince of the family of Prophethood has promised me. The promise of the Prophet cannot be wrong. Junaid had reached the lap of sleep thinking about it.

As soon as they reached sleep, the veils of the world had awakened from our eyes. A beautiful dream was in front of our eyes and the green dome appeared before our eyes, from which light began to scatter from all directions, a luminous being appeared, whose beauty was Junaid. The eyes became blind, the heart sank in Kaif Sarwar, and voices started coming from the door and the wall.

Peace and blessings be upon you O Messenger of Allah.

Peace and blessings be upon you O Messenger of Allah.

Junaid understood that this is my master, whose Kalima I recite. Immediately wrapped around my feet.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said Junaid, rise up and see the supremacy of your fate before the Day of Judgment. The reward of humiliation of defeat for the sake of the Prophet’s descendants will not be borrowed till the Day of Judgement. Lift your head up, I have brought you the turban of victory and honor. ہوں۔

From today, you are raised to the highest position of Irfan and Taqrib. Congratulations on the honor of the saints. After these words, Huzur Sarwar Kunin Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) hugged Junaid Pahlwan on his chest and Huzur PBUH on this occasion It is difficult to guess what Allah has bestowed on Junaid in his dream state.

It can be assumed that when Junaid woke up from sleep, the whole universe was in his eyes like a shining mirror. Everyone’s heart had been sacrificed at Junaid’s feet.

The king of time had removed his precious crown from his head and placed it at his feet. This wrestler of Baghdad has become famous in the whole world today as Syed Altaifa Syedna Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (may Allah have mercy on him). The hearts of the whole universe bowed down for him. Were.(copied)

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