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Talking about the vast scope of Digital Marketing and its emerging trends, the world is going digital and so are businesses, which has led to a whooping demand for trained internet experts (Digital Marketers). In order to get an upper hand, these days businesses are robustly trying to implement every possible technique. In this scenario, Digital marketing practices have secured a top position which has led behind orthodox marketing techniques. According to the latest reports – the Digital marketing industry 2025 will cross 750+ billion US dollars. This will eventually lead to the demand for experts who could lead the business to grow and achieve unprecedented ROI (return on investment).

                       This would surely boom the digital marketing jobs and scope of digital marketing agencies as every business would eventually need a good internet marketing expert or an agency to boost up their online presence in order to book more profit and expand. 

” Demanding Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing Realm”


Search engine optimization aka SEO is one of the key factors while handling digital marketing practices and it is far most the most effective but a bit time-consuming process as it is totally free and organic method of marketing.

As it is self-explanatory that it has to do something with the search engines, so let us understand, But does it really mean? 

When in a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo we search our queries, and we get a number of different pages or results. so how does the search engine know which page to show the user first? 

Here’s the answer – When a user searches for any query on the search engine, the search engine bot collects its data from its servers and presents you accordingly. When you make a website you are supposed to use relevant techniques called SEO practices (in a simple way) to ask the Google bot to crawl/read your data and serve/show it accordingly to the user.

So a search engine optimization expert is the person who optimizes your website in order to make it readable and understandable to the search engines so that search engine bots can index it on the SERP (search engine result page).

Entry level salary range could be anywhere about 2 L.P.A – 4.5 L.P.A depending on the city and individual skills.


PPC or Pay-per-click expert is an individual who is proficient in running ad. campaigns in the PPC model in various platforms like Google, amazon, Meta, etc. PPC is one of the best way of paid ad. campaigns where the advertiser only pays when an action happens. If you are running a PPC campaign then you are only going to be charged when a click happens which means when a user clicks and visits your webpage. It is one of the flagship models of the advertisement type and has a lot of potential in it. Most of the big E-commerce companies run their ads on this model only. You might have seen advertisements on Amazon when searching for a product. 

Entry level salary range could be anywhere about 3 L.P.A – 5.2 L.P.A depending on the city and individual skills.


Social media marketing has emerged as one of the best methods of internet marketing as most of the youth today are engaged in social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so these evolve as the most demanding platforms to acquire customers and to make them aware of the brands. Social media marketing tends to target the user base on the social media platform. A social media expert grows a business’s social media channels by acquiring followers through engaging posts, events about the company, and various form of media like short videos which could result in making them potential customers.

Entry level salary range could be anywhere about 3.56 L.P.A – 6.5 L.P.A depending on the city and individual skills.


An influencer marketer is typically an individual who collaborates with various social media influencers who could potentially promote the business/brand by means of social media and social channels. Influencers could become ambassadors for the brands and promote them to their followers as influencers already do have a decent number of follower count ranging from lakhs to millions. However, this technique could potentially make a large audience aware if the brand can see the brand as a trustworthy brand as it is promoted by a person who is known to them and is typically a role model to millions of youth. 

Entry level salary range could be anywhere about 4 L.P.A – 7.5 L.P.A depending on the city and individual skills.

As mentioned above there are vast opportunities in the digital marketing field and is totally a skill-based profession. But why is the digital marketing industry booming currently? why are businesses going digital? Here are a few key points why businesses are opting for internet marketing techniques as they are viable in many ways:  

“Expanding Borders: Reaching Audiences Worldwide with Internet Marketing”

Digital marketing practices are being opted across the globe for its worldwide reach let’s understand with an example: If a person named Jack owns a jewelry shop and aspires to expand his business so in order to get more people on board. He uses old-school marketing techniques and distributes pamphlets, uses billboards, and hoardings. [Seems quite cool already] But these methods which Jack uses limit his business to his own city because hoarding, billboards, and pamphlets can only be seen by the people of the city …

                                                          On the other side, Billy owns a small shop in which he sells hand-crafted artwork and decides to bring his business digital and hires a Digital marketing expert (John). John uses trending online marketing techniques and makes an SEO-friendly website for Billy’s artwork and lists his artwork. He also uses Social media marketing techniques to grow his fanbase. As a result, Billy’s artwork went across the globe and and got orders through his website & social media channels.  And guess what!!  Billy’s monthly marketing budget happened to be much lower as compared to Jack’s budget.

So this leads us to our, second big point. Cost-effectiveness!

“Budget-Friendly Solutions: Maximizing Impact with Cost-Effective Online Marketing”

Compared to orthodox/offline marketing techniques. Online marketing makes it way through as the cheapest way of marketing. Internet marketing techniques often prove to be more cost-effective and more profit-yielding. That’s why more & more businesses are shifting towards the new revolutionized way of marketing. As compared to TV ads and hoarding content marketing practices are quite easy to operate but still very much target-based!

But do you ever think? why is this powerful technique so easy to operate and still cost-effective? 

Let’s know how.

Targeted Advertising Leading to Greater Engagement …! | Measuring Results and Optimization.

Content marketing has various tools to control audience selection contrary to old-school marketing techniques where you do not have any control over your audience who sees your advertisement and who doesn’t. Digital marketing methods include extensive targeting methods and various filters to select products or particular businesses, and service-based targeting. Selection of audience plays a vital role in promotion/advertisement campaigns because if you are showing your ads to the person who has no interest in your service product will be a total waste of money. On the other side a person who already has some interest in a similar product as yours, if he sees your ad. then he is more likely to interact with your ad. and buy your product or service. In offline marketing techniques, you don’t have any command of who sees your ad. which leads to a blind targeting technique and turns out to be more expensive as it is being shown to a large audience who are not surely interested in the advertisement. Which is profitable for the offline advertisement agency but not quite pocket-friendly or profit-yielding for the advertiser.


As explained in the article, career in Digital marketing turns out to be one of the best and most promising career opportunities in 2024 with appealing salaries and business prospects like a job as a Digital marketer, owning an agency & a freelancer. Thus, this is a digital age and almost everyone today has an online presence orthodox marketing methods have become outdated as a result of Online marketing tends to be the most effective and pocket-friendly method of marketing and branding.

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