How AI is Shaping the Future of Mobile Apps

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The global mobile app market is estimated to reach $756 billion by 2027, as per the reports from Statista. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Mobile apps have a promising future, though, it is no secret that emerging technologies like AI are continuing to transform it. It is no secret that Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized how mobile apps are being built. Hire dedicated app developers if you want to stay ahead in the game. From market research to app design and final deployment, these technologies have opened up a new world of possibilities. 

Before we dive into the trends, let’s discuss the role of AI in mobile apps!

Understanding Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps: What is it?

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a modern technology with the intelligence to think and act like humans. 

According to AI researchers, it understands the past and present events to predict the outcome. Though AI has been used in computer programs for a long time, it has now made its way into mobile application development.

One of AI’s right-hand is ML (Machine Learning), which carefully analyzes massive amounts of data and information to perform tasks efficiently and smoothly. 

Regarding mobile app development, AI’s main role is to collect essential user data such as location, contacts, buying actions, and daily actions and provide them seamless navigating experience. 

Let’s say you want to build an augmented reality app then you can use AI to improve the real-time recognition of objectives and create highly responsive apps. 

But the growth of AI doesn’t end here! 

Speaking of popularity, AI in mobile apps is progressively increasing and the facts don’t lie!

Important Facts & Statistics Related to the AI in Mobile App Development 

Here is a list of the key statistics that showcase the popularity & growth of AI in mobile app development. 

  • According to Gartner, 80% of mobile apps use AI to improve customer experience and services.
  • Accenture reports that AI-integrated mobile apps can increase revenue by up to 300%.
  • The AI app sector is likely to increase at a rate of over 38% until 2028. 

Key Artificial Intelligence Trends Reshaping the Mobile App Development 

#1. Speech Recognition Technology 

It plays an incredible role in transforming the mobile app landscape. Remember that virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana enable users to interact with devices through voice commands. It functions by converting spoken language into a format that devices can easily understand and interpret efficiently. The technology easily aligns with the current AI trends which helps enhance user experience. 

#2. Chatbots 

Another major popular trend in AI is Chatbots that enable a brand to conversate with users effectively. No matter what kind of queries your customers have, all they have to do is simply ask a question related to their product/services and chatbots will answer to offer real-time assistance. Not only does it enhance customer support but also it makes the communication process so quick, easy, and error-free. 

#3. Machine Learning 

The integration of ML in mobile apps is crucial to forecast tasks and outcomes. Businesses that rely heavily on prediction can harness machine learning to enhance their app offerings. Whether you want to predict customer behavior, market trends, or proper resource allocation, incorporating ML empowers mobile apps to offer valuable and relevant insights. When your business knows what steps to take next, you can easily stay ahead of the competition. 

#4. Integration of Biometrics 

Incorporating this security trend of AI can make your mobile app protected and secure from potential threats and malware. The major highlight of the technology is that it analyzes the physical attributes of the user such as facial features, body structure, and voice patterns to authenticate users and facilitate 100% secure transactions. Furthermore, biometric AI includes voice identification and gesture control to enhance the security aspect of the app within the mobile app. 

#5. Image Recognition 

Lastly, it is another major AI trend in mobile apps that deals with object identification via images and videos. From identifying license plates to medical diagnostics, this technology has a diverse range of application uses that empower apps to analyze visual data. Not only integrating image recognition can enhance user experience but also it offers innovative functionalities for your users. 

What Future Does AI Hold for Mobile App Development?

It is no secret that AI has a promising future in mobile app development. From seamless user experiences to predicted future outcomes, AI is not just a game; it’s a revolution that will transform the app development game exponentially! 

Integrating AI in mobile app development can bring a myriad of benefits that not only keep your business app safe but also provide a convenient experience. 

Remember that the future of mobile app development lies in the aesthetics of innovation, and AI is the key to unlocking the full potential of mobile apps. Thus, AI is an ideal choice for app developers who are looking to build seamless user experience and drive their project success to an unprecedented scale. 

Final Thoughts 

The post concludes with the key AI trends that are reshaping the future of mobile app development! Since AI acts as a medium of innovation and possibility, implementing it in mobile apps is still a matter of concern for many. 

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