The latest technological evolution in dental orthodontics and the advantage of Suresmile

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The latest technological evolution in dental orthodontics and the advantage of Suresmile

What does orthodontics mean?

In plain and simple terms, dental orthodontics means moving the teeth. Usually, this range of treatments is performed when one is still young and one’s bones and tissues in the jaw and the overall mouth are still growing and have not matured. If the treatment is properly executed at the right time it can bring about some major rearrangements of the jaw and teeth. Thus realigning the teeth is not only possible but also easy without removing or extracting any tooth.

However, it is important to mention in the ongoing context that it is possible to move the teeth at any age and there are lots of procedures or treatments to move the teeth. The procedure that your dentist recommends obviously suits you the best and this choice depends on several factors. The factors include the level of crowding or complication involved, the age of a patient, budget, insurance coverage and many others. Interestingly, some patients are happy with minor misalignment of the teeth while others want nothing less than absolute symmetry. A large number of adults prefer minor to moderate realignment made only to the teeth at the front.  

A recent evolution in the world of orthodontics is the clear aligner system. Clear aligners basically facilitate movement of only the incisors or the teeth at the front of the mouth. If your teeth are more or less of the same height and proportion then the clear aligner appliances facilitate a fast and efficient movement of your teeth. On average this type of case requires less than 16 weeks of treatment and a patient has to keep wearing the appliances nearly 20 hours a day. Moreover, there will be approximately a dental visit every two weeks to make sure everything is going on the right track and in accordance with the treatment plan. But what is orthodontics without retainers? 

Once your teeth sit in perfect alignment it is important to hold them in their new and corrected positions. This is where retainers come into play. Retainers, as the term implies, retain your straightened teeth in their corrected positions during the post-treatment phase. This range of orthodontic appliances – in other words – prevents your perfectly aligned teeth from relapsing or sinking back into their initial positions before the treatment once you stop wearing braces or aligners at the successful completion of your treatment. A typical retainer usually comprises of a wire which is bonded with composite and acid etch to the palatal or lingual surface of the teeth at the front. 

There are more serious cases of misalignment of the teeth than you can imagine and that modern orthodontics can correct. However, there are more extensive procedures to handle such cases and the treatment may involve cementing the brackets to the teeth to make the appliances permanent. To correct the cases of misalignment of the teeth in the front ranging from mild to moderate clear brackets are now quite popular whereas to adjust the position of the teeth at the back traditional metal brackets are still the most preferred choice of an overwhelming number of dentists all over the world.

In modern treatments, you are expected to visit your treatment provider usually every six weeks and during those visits, the expert makes the fine adjustments to keep your treatment right on track. Once the treatment is successfully over and all the misalignment issues have been rectified you have to be on retainers to prevent a relapse. As far as orthodontic retainers are concerned, patients usually choose between these two options – an invisible retainer that is usually recommended to wear 4 days a week and a wire that is cemented to the back of the teeth explains a dentist who deals with smile orthodontics in London over the years. Cases that involve extreme levels of misalignment of the teeth often require the expertise of a specialist orthodontist

Smiling is always good for health as it is a great stress buster. If you desire to have the perfect smile then you must get your braces. But many people withheld the step of getting their braces and the reason for that is braces invariably involve time and hassles. But here is the good news! The latest evolutions in orthodontic treatments make it possible to design braces that correct the alignment of your teeth as well as your bite much faster, easier and with much greater accuracy than their earlier versions. Treatments with this latest range of braces hardly last more than a few weeks. This is where Suresmile software becomes relevant! 

What is Suresmile?

Suresmile is an advanced technology used in modern orthodontics to correct your teeth and bite misalignments to make your smile more attractive. It allows dentists to convert a 3D scan of the mouth of a patient into a virtual mold and based on it the experts can easily build your complete treatment plan using braces. The Suresmile orthodontic technology, in other words, enables dentists to enjoy the advantage of 3D imaging which ensures more accurate and precise movement of your teeth to help you achieve your perfect smile explains a dentist who deals with these modern orthodontic braces at the renowned 1A Orthodontics in London. 

First, using the Suresmile software application, the dental team under your dentist or orthodontist creates a virtual 3D digital model of your bite. The advanced software application is used along with an iTero scanner or a CBCT (which stands for Cone Beamed Computed Tomography). The 3D scan itself reveals a lot of precise information about your mouth and moreover, it shows additional information like the presence of the soft tissues, bones, nerves, muscles, and other components. This cutting-edge technology even helps dentists to the extent of determining the precise root placement of each of your individual teeth. Armed with such a comprehensive and flawless image it is easier for your treatment provider to literally plan out the exact movement as well as the end placement of every single tooth separately. The software shows every possible angle of each of your teeth and even how those angles will interact with that of your other tooth or teeth.  Thanks to the evolution of this amazing software, dental orthodontics has come across a long way. Now it is not only possible but also absolutely hassle-free to see the exact results that your braces will bring even before the start of your treatment at 1A Orthodontics in London.  

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