Why do we find the smell of a perfume good or bad?

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Why do we like certain smells and dislike perfume others? The answer to this question is that it is the human mind that decides what it likes and dislikes.
In this context, for the interest of the readers, the reasons that lead to liking and disliking fragrances. Are being explain, and it is also important to know the role of the mind in this whole process.

What is the role of memory?

Any particular type of fragrance is directly related to the sense of smell, which is some how linked to natural memory. The olfactory nerve in the brain communicates directly with the memory centre.
Any smell is associate with memory, from which it is clear. That the memory of a scent or odour from childhood plays an important role in this regard.
What is the role of the mind?
If you dislike a scent but continue to smell it on a regular basis. There will come a time when your opinion will change, and your mind will accept. Its effects and start liking it.

How can perfume be attractive?

Global perfume companies strive to provide their favourite scents to as many people as possible. In this regard, companies try to introduce fragrances that are embedd in people’s memories and are always remember by them.
However, this goal is not easy to achieve because the region and cultures are deeply involve in deciding likes and dislikes. It is possible that a certain fragrance is like in some regions. And the same fragrance is not like by the people. Of another region.
Amidst the likes and dislikes, perfume companies strive to at least. Introduce a fragrance that appeals to a large segment of people, even if only once.
Its purpose is to preserve the fragrance in the human memory for a long times. Due to which people continue to strive to achieve this fragrance.
In terms of influencing factors, the prevailing fashion cannot be ignore. As sometimes the fragrances introduced on a large scale are popular among people.
The obvious reason for this is that recently introduced women’s perfumes. Are unusually floral, while men have for years preferred ‘woody perfumes’ like oud, amber, etc., with some florals recently. Fragrances has been added.

Why can’t we smell our own perfume?

Any scent or smell is directly related to the nose, where the naturally. Equippe sensory sensors are task with different and separating them, making it possible to identify of all kinds of scents.

The ingrained memory of a scent or odor from childhood plays an important role

The sensory nerves or sensors of the nose send the signals to the brain. From which a specific part of the brain differentiates. Them and sends the message to the nerves that make it possible to categorise the scents.
As far as the feeling of your perfume is concerned, experts say that the nerves become accustomed. To the same scent continuously, and its functionality decreases.
If it is say that like this, it will not be out of place that the perfume that we use daily. Is store in the memory, and thus we do not feel it.
It doesn’t mean that the scent we are using has lost its effect. But the brain gets use to it while other people notice its immediately. Because their brain senses it at the same time. When you are near them.

How can we smell the fragrance again?

If a scent has become our identity and had been recognise by the brain. On a permanent basis then to experience it again, you need to spray the perfume. On another part of the body or on clothing. Can also be spray in the air.
It is also possible to use more than one type of scent at the same time. So your brain will react immediately to the new scent.

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