Witness how Flutter Differs from react native in 2024

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With every day passing by, tens of hundreds of apps make their existence in the market of mobile apps. It started some years back when Flutter marked their entry into this realm. After that, people start to look for a Flutter app development company to gain a competitive edge. In no time, it becomes a tough competitor to the existing cross-platform app-developing frameworks. React Native is one of the major ones out of all. The competition between both is quite tough and people start to find it difficult to spot the difference. 

Thus, this write-up will let you gain a vivid understanding of “How Flutter differs from React Native?”. Take a read till the end to choose the ideal one for your business based on requirements.

Similarities between Flutter and React Native

Flutter and React Native are similar frameworks that support the fact of one codebase for multiple mobile platforms like Android and iOS. 

  • Cross-platform Development

React Native and Flutter allow businesses to write code only once and use it multiple times on several mobile platforms promoting efficiency through code usability. 

  • Advanced Reloading

Both of the frameworks support advanced reloading, permitting businesses to witness re-rendering of alteration in their app UI as there exists no need to restart the entire application. It enables the swift prototyping and ultimately speeding up the development process. 

  • Expansive or diverse communities

These mobile app development frameworks possess vibrant developer communities offering extensive or diverse documentation, tools, libraries, and support. It offers developers resources and leads them to a progressive stage. 

  • Native-Like Performance

React Native and Flutter both rely on native components ensuring high-performing apps with responsive or comprehensive user interface despite having a different base or architecture. 

A Peek into Comparison: Flutter vs React Native

If we compare both Flutter and React Native in aspects of performance, programming, functionality, Community, adoption, documentation, etc, each has its own merits and demerits. The choice is completely dependent on the requirements of your business. Let’s take a look at the detailed comparison of both based on various parameters. 



  • Offers smooth performance because of the “write once, use everywhere” nature resulting in efficient UI rendering. 
  • Make use of Dart language and employ its rendering language.

React Native 

  • Based on JavaScript, requiring a JavaScript bridge to engage with native components.
  • It faces some lag due to the bridge falling behind in its performance. 

UI Capabilities


  • The framework has its own set of customizable widgets for creating UI, offering several designs. Thus, if you want that, go ahead with a Flutter app development company. 
  • Offers a consistent look across different platforms due to its custom rendering engine. 

React Native

  • React Native makes use of native components to render UI experience allowing to witness a more native appearance. 
  • It depends on native components that demand some additional effort to maintain consistent design. 

Development Environment


  • It provides an integrated and diverse development environment with the presence of tools like Flutter Inspector, DevTools, and Hot Reload.

React Native

  • Text Editors or IDEs are the base for React Native and the preferred choices are Visual Studio Code and React Native CLI. It also assists in hot reloading for rapid way of development. 

Documentation & Support


  • Flutter always offers comprehensive and well-maintained documentation with official guides and tutorials.
  • You get assistance regarding any updates or issues from the Flutter team and community.

React Native

  • It provides a wide range of extensive documentation and resources assisted by a diverse community and tutorials. 
  • Due to its expanded presence, the assistance is easily accessible. 

Popularity & Adoption


  • If you are looking for a good cross-platform app with exceptional performance & consistent UI, Flutter is the ideal option to go with. It is gaining popularity among businesses because of this reason. 
  • Most industries now focus on using Flutter to develop their application. 

React Native

  • The JavaScript-based framework has a longer track record and has already been adopted by a large number of companies. It starts to appear most commonly used framework for development. 
  • Companies who want to scale their business instantly show their belief in React Native. If you want the same, seek to react native app development services. 

Flutter Vs React Native- What to choose and when?

Proceed further with a flutter app development company to have a high-performing or responsive app with a consistent UI platform. On the other hand, searching for React Native app development services seems justified when you want to do rapid prototyping and MVP development along with a vast library and pre-existing UI Components. 

If you find yourself stuck in a dilemma, take a look at the existing points here to make up your mind clearly. 

For choosing Flutter App Development Company

  • Apt or perfect for tight project timelines and limited budget. It is like the best possible outcomes under fixed barriers of resources. 
  • Reduces the development cost to a negligible amount by permitting the usage of single code on different platforms. 
  • Ideal for forming customizable personalized UI with desired widgets and cutting down the testing needs as well. 

To move further with React Native App Development Services

  • A perfect choice to scale up an existing app with cross-platform modules. 
  • Support the development of unique shared APIs.
  • Pick it up to build lightweight native apps with some particular performance requirements. 

How Andriod Developer can help you with Flutter and React native app development services?

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Our team of experts assists in the hassle-free migration of native applications to Flutter or React Native-based cross-platform apps. We also have expertise in uplifting the existing apps to the latest version to ensure speed, scalability, reliability, and adaptability. With us, you don’t need to worry about anything as your development project is in safe hands and the outcome will satisfy all of your expectations. 

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