6 Awesome Benefits of Staying in Long-Term Accommodations to Know!

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By Afshi

If you’re thinking about going on a trip anytime this year, why not consider long-term stays? Don’t get us wrong but we do understand that the reason why most people don’t do long-term stays is because accommodations, when travelling can be pretty expensive.

But what if we told you there are ways to stay long-term during a trip without it being too costly? Would it be something you might consider? And if you’re still not convinced, check out the list below! It consists of benefits you can expect and enjoy during long-term stays:

What is a long-term stay at an accommodation?

Although a “long-term stay” can be subjective depending on what you consider “long”, this typically means a lodging arrangement that holds up for an extended period. What most accommodations would think is a minimum for a long-stay booking is probably around 3 nights to a week.

But this can go for as long as 2 weeks, half a month, or even a whole month!–you could even go for as long as a year. Common accommodations that cater to this are rental properties and serviced apartments.

What are the benefits of long-term stays for guests?

We’re glad you asked because just right below are 8 benefits you can expect and enjoy when choosing to go for long-term stays during trips!

1 – It’s a more cost-efficient option

As we mentioned earlier, long-term stay CAN be cost-efficient when done the right way. First off, book accommodations that cater to long-term stays. Because, more often than not, lodgings that cater to long-term bookings offer discounted rates or special offers the longer you stay with them. And if you do the math, this is significantly way cheaper than booking per night/day.

And since long-term bookings usually have in-room amenities like kitchens and laundry facilities, this allows you to cut back on expenses when it comes to eating out and doing laundry during your trip.

2 – You can expect comfort and space

Most accommodations offering long stays are typically bigger than accommodations that often cater for short stays. Examples are home rentals and serviced apartments, if you’ve noticed, they are pretty much bigger than your everyday hotel room. Long-term lodgings usually have kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and sometimes even laundry rooms.

Apart from the space, you also get comfort because serviced apartments and home rentals also offer amenities! Now, depending on the accommodation, their provided amenities may vary. But typical ones are free parking, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, gym access, pool access, weekly housekeeping, toiletries, and more. Some might even offer welcoming gifts when you book with them directly! 

Plus since you’re staying longer, you can settle in nice and cozy without having to worry about unpacking too much in worries of repacking anytime soon.

3 – It’s a much more convenient option

Staying at a single accommodation long-term is much more convenient compared to hotel jumping. Jumping accommodations is something most travelers do to cut back on spending by staying in different places before they get charged nightly extended fees. But like we mentioned earlier, this won’t be a problem if you stay with long-term-friendly accommodations. If anything, they’ll give you a discount for staying with them longer!

4 – Gives you the chance to immerse yourself in local culture

Staying in a place longer gives you more time to get to know the local culture, the local community, and also the lifestyle. This also allows you to try new things like cultural activities, visit local treasures, try new local dishes, and even befriend locals.

Unlike short-term stays, you only get to see the surface-level local culture they specifically do for tourists. And with that, you won’t get to delve into the depths of local culture since you’re rushed and time-conscious. 

5 – It’s more flexible

In general, extended bookings come with more lenient cancellation rules and the bonus benefit of being able to extend your stay if needed. This increased flexibility comes in quite handy for people whose plans may alter at the last minute or who are still unsure of their exact travel dates.

Choosing long-term reservations gives travelers the flexibility to easily modify their lodging plans in response to changing circumstances. As well as the assurance of flexible cancellation policies. This degree of flexibility guarantees a stress-free experience and enables visitors to deal with uncertainty more calmly and confidently. 

6 – It can be more personalized

Long-term accommodations provide better chances for customization. This is because this enables visitors to design their living area according to their tastes and needs. These extended-stay accommodations frequently allow guests the opportunity to personally select furniture, features, and services that perfectly suit their everyday lives. 

Doing so enhances their overall experience and comfort. Because these services are customized, they not only improve the overall experience but also create a homey atmosphere where visitors can relax and have their requirements met. This customized approach to extended-stay accommodation guarantees that guests not only book a room but also design a unique retreat that fits their preferences and raises the standard of their prolonged visit.

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