The Psychology Behind Effective Packaging Designs

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Have you ever seen a customer buying any product that has plain, simple packaging? No, this is not possible. A psychology exists behind an appealing packaging design. It surpasses some kind of chemicals in the brain when the eyes see attractive packaging. You make an instant purchase, although you are not up to buying anything.  

The factors of any packaging that can influence someone might be color, opening style, or image. Furthermore, these things affect the competition and encourage your customers to choose you over your competitors. It means that the design has a tangible impact on someone’s mind.  

All the packaging aspects that can change someone’s buying decision are discussed below in detail to guide you better.  

Role Of Custom-Designed Packaging  

We all know that every company out there has immense competition. Therefore, they all need an element on which they can remove competition. Otherwise, these businesses can overtake you. All the packaging manufacturing companies allow you to work with their designers to establish packaging that spreads brand recognition while delivering the encased product packaging.  

A design that meets all the demands of any product attracts customers’ attention and lets the company enjoy packaging at an affordable rate. The use of extra material cuts down the additional cost. 

How Packaging Influences Purchase Behavior  

A study says that 72% of customers get attracted to attractive packaging because it is an actual tangible part of any product that influences them to purchase. According to psychology, the human brain builds some chemicals built in their brain when they see personalized custom packaging.  

Although the first function of decreasing is to ensure sales, it also protects the product and saves it from different environmental aspects. Apart from that, the medium educates the customers about the brand and product and creates distinction among the competitors.  

Elements That Will Attract The Brain  

Color, font, shape, and imagery are the key packaging elements that engage the brand and make the customer purchase even without the need for a product. Go into detail to know more:  

  • Color  

Different studies show that colors have a significant impact on someone’s preference. That is why designers suggest businesses choose color wisely when selecting any design for their product. The color must fit with the brand identity and the product that is supposed to be packed inside it.  

Apart from that, color should be able to capture customers’ attention to create an emotional association. When the colors are chosen wisely, they establish a brand identity that nobody takes and lets you enjoy individuality.  

  • Fonts  

If you need to be made aware of this fact, let us know that the correct font choice can improve the quality of your product’s packaging. The packaging is the medium that conveys the product information to the customer, so fonts should be readable. You can add a touch of modern fashion or vintage look to your packaging with the help of selecting the right fonts. In other words, fonts are vital in enhancing the psychology behind a packaging design.  

Another important consideration is that one second should be readable for online medium or packaging printing. All types of typography play a vital aspect in brand identity as they set you apart from others and match your design to customers’ psychology.  

  • Shape  

Unique shapes or shapes that match the product are a great way to wrap the product and make it prominent among the audience. Special containers attract customers, add value to the packaging, and make them feel they can store it for further use.  

Some shapes evolved with time and changed with the trends, but few shapes, such as the rectangular, circular, and square, stayed. But you can use a specific shape to make the new one to depict the individuality of your brand and product.  

  • Material  

Material is the key to any packaging, and it pays off in different aspects. It gives the presentation of the product that it deserves because no luxury product can be packed in plain corrugated cardboard boxes. Another usage of a material is that it gives texture to boxes suitable for printing, handling, and touching the boxes.  

When the customer touches the plain, smooth surface, it gives them a good feel. They like to carry the packaging for long periods. It must handle complexity as the packaging is meant to be opened and closed several times. It means the material should be sturdy enough to keep the packaging solid and well-constructed.  

  • Images  

Another part of packaging design is images printed to give up your idea about the good. Some manufacturers like to paste any product usage method in picture form. It enhances the customers’ understanding and makes them feel comfortable that the brand does care about them.  

In short, create automatic feelings and interfaces about the product inside and tell the buyer about the product before unboxing any product.  

Final Thoughts  

Hopefully, all the aspects mentioned will help identify different parts of packaging that are important in capturing customers’ attention. Different elements such as typography, material, images, and shapes vary according to the product and business niche.  

However, a few aspects, such as colors, mean the same about each element. You should always choose colors that match the product and brand to increase the product’s value. Typography that is easy to read and conveys all the essential information to the buyer. Printed images must match the product to let the buyer enjoy the freedom of judging the product without opening the box.  

Each part has its importance that cannot be neglected while working on the packaging design. One missing part can destroy the whole image, and you will not be able to enjoy the effectiveness of custom packaging.  

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